Alternatives to tramadol

When we experience body pains, we instantly know that something is wrong. The wisest thing to do is to consult your doctor.

This way, he can assess your condition and will advice you the right medication. There are however some people who take the first step of using painkillers instead of consulting a medical professional. These painkillers are especially made to relieve pain and are prescribed when patients are suffering from different medical conditions.

Tramadol actually work by stopping the brain in interpreting an incitement as painful. Because of the huge medical development that we have today, many painkillers are offered in the market. One of them is tramadol which has been offered for more than two decades. At present, tramadol is one of the most trusted methods of chronic and acute pain management. Despite its popularity, there are still many alternatives to tramadol that can be used to end the painful suffering of every patient.Alternatives to Tramadol

Though painkillers like tramadol provide beneficial effects, it is still necessary that you combine it with some alternatives to tramadol like herbal medications and therapies. Keep in mind that taking chronic and acute pains seriously is an important way for improving your bodyís overall health and reducing the risk of serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart ailments.

Alternatives to tramadol are actually classified into two groups: drug substance and non-conventional techniques in easing the pain. Tramadol and other well-known opioid pharmaceutical products belong to the first group. The analgesic effectiveness of tramadol is approximately equivalent to 30 mg of codeine plus 650 mg of acetaminophen.

Classification of non-conventional treatment may be more challenging because the methods and techniques used may vary depending on the type and origin of pain of each patient. The word tramadol alternative is actually used to refer to other medical therapy aside from that of the conventional way of treatment. The alternatives offer different medical methods including braces, corsets, collars, physical exercise, pain management techniques, spinal epidural and a whole lot more.

There are also many online pharmacies that offer natural tramadol alternatives though they do not have any scientific background on their efficacy. The herbs offered are usually Chinese or African plants. Many have already tried this type of natural alternative but it is still advisable that you go talk to your doctor first.

The Devilís claw is considered as the most popular herbal alternative for tramadol. This plant actually comes from South Africa and has been used as a pain palliative many years ago. It is usually used in cases of rheumatoid arthritis and is known to be very effective in osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and neck and back pains. A certain study conducted in 2007 revealed that patients with rheumatic condition has shown that 60% of the participants have shifted from their usual painkiller medications or lowered their dosage in 8 weeks after using devilís claw.

Aside from devilís claw, bromelain can also serve as a tramadol alternative. This is an enzyme produced from the stems of pineapple which can lower the levels and activity of prostaglandins. The prostaglandins are the hormones responsible for inflammation processes. Bromelain is also helpful to patients suffering from arthritis and post-traumatic pains.

There are still so many herbs that can help you manage body pain. If you are not that comfortable with the other methods of easing pain, then itís about time that you choose from these offered alternatives. Rest assured that you will find the right method that would surely fit your needs.

If you are also worried on the reported side effects of Tramadol then ask your doctor on the possible alternatives to Tramadol. Whether it is classified as opioids or natural medications, always seek for complete information for each alternative even if it promise an effective management and control of your pain.


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