What is Codeine

Codeine is a type of narcotic medication. Narcotics are drugs that provide pain relief and often make a person feel sleepy. They may also dull the senses and cause changes in both mood and behavior. Codeine is used for treating pain that ranges in intensity from mild to severe.

Like other types of narcotics, this drug can be addictive. This means that a person's body may get begin to crave the drug after having it for some time. As such, it is a poor medication choice for someone who has abused drugs in the past. It should be kept in a safe location, where it is not accessible to other people, especially children.

This drug should not be taken along with alcohol. When alcohol is mixed with this narcotic medication, serious side effects may occur. In fact, a person may even die as a result of mixing it with alcohol. To stay on the safe side, it is best to check medication labels to be sure that they do not contain alcohol if they will be taken along with codeine.

When a person is using codeine, he should take care with operating heavy machinery and driving a car. This medication can make a person less alert than normal. Likewise, it may alter the person's ability to think clearly and react quickly. Therefore, a different type of pain relief may be a better option when driving and operating complicated or heavy equipment is necessary.


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